Building That Prayerful Life

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There is nothing easy about building a prayerful life. It’s hard to figure out how to “Schedule In” some prayer time with the Lord. I mean… we all feel pressed for time now! But working to spend time with him isn’t just important… It is the MOST important thing we can do. So let’s talk about ways to build our prayer closet and how we can help develop this incredible time with God.

I have found that while I do not have the space at the moment for the prayer closet I intend to develop, I am working to make my “mobile prayer space” amazing. What does that mean? It means having all of the things I need for prayer time put together and easy to pull out and put away as necessary. That makes it sound simple, but really… it’s a constantly changing package. I’m learning as I go. A dear friend of mine purchased a book for me and I will say… I absolutely recommend it to you. Fervent, by Priscilla Shirer. This is a fantastic introduction to developing a solid prayer life. I am finding that building my prayer life is really all about building up the armory I will need for my war room. My space where I will be boldly going before the Lord with my prayers. Where I will be studying His word. Where I will be able to grow my knowledge of all that He has written.

You see, my goal is to take a room in my townhouse that is currently just a huge hot mess and I really need to re-do it. It will be part storage/pantry and part prayer closet. My goal is to have a section of that room filled with a desk to study at, pillows to sit on, reminders on the wall. A place to pin up my prayers and my prayer list. My goal is to be able to step into a space where distractions are minimal. But at the moment, it isn’t possible – we have a room to clear out, a built in desk to remove and walls to repaint and redesign. But that’s ok, because it gives me the time I need to really plan it out.

So I focus on my “Mobile Prayer Closet”. What does that mean? It really just means that the tools I use to help myself focus and learn during bible study and prayer time are mobile. I move them to either my couch or my kitchen table… wherever I might be studying and praying that day! So what are the tools I use?

Multiple Bibles. I currently use two of them. One that has commentary and references in it. The other has space for notes. A few great choices are shown below:

A place to write your prayer list, to take notes when you are studying and to journal. Some like separate notebooks for each. Others like one for everything. Here are just a few I have found.

These are just the beginnings of what you will want when you build your war room – your prayer room – your space, whether in one space or a more mobile version – to pray and connect with God. More to come as I work on developing my prayer closet, my war room.

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